Asia Control is primary player in supplying Gas & Steam Turbine Equipment for power generation market. But our services goes beyond supplying. We are frontrunner in engineering service for the gas & steam turbine industries.

Asia Control has successfully done the projects for Retrofit Equipment, Commissioning, Fault Finding, Routine Maintenance, Reliability Engineering and Consultancy.

We provide the following equipment and services:

  • Overhaul & Repair
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Site Services
  • Governor & Fuel System Control
  • Fuel Modulation
  • Protection System
  • Monitoring And Control System

While we're most often recognized as a leader supplier & engineering company, there's more to Asia Control Pey than you might assume. Our strength and reliability to reach to be the only contact point or supplying & Engineering have given us the opportunity to play an important role in ways that help improve everyone's surroundings.

From setting industry standards for environmental safety, to providing clean and efficient heat and electricity for Oil & Gas fields. The stories continue, as do our efforts to make a positive impact in as many ways, and places, as possible.

Gas & steam turbine units have played an important role in the generation of electrical power. They are dominant in the offshore industry and are used extensively throughout the world in general power applications and the rapidly expanding cogeneration market.

Asia Control is local suppliers of turbine equipment and specialist engineering services for the gas and steam turbine industries. Our strength and reliability to reach the vision of binge one of the first contact points of supplying & engineering have given us the opportunity to do the most infrequent projects in our unique way. The experienced & creative engineering team with supportive sales department make us able to assert of being one of the leader companies in this field even for supplying, engineering & maintenance.

Asia Control has successfully done project for retrofit equipment, commissioning, fault finding, routine maintenance, reliability engineering and consultancy. We provide the following equipment and services:

  • Overhaul and repair
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Site services
  • Governor and fuel system control
  • Fuel modulation
  • Protection system
  • Monitoring and Control System

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