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Asia Control pey use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to support you, regardless of how many installations you have or where they are located. Staying on the cutting edge of the latest advances in automation machinery and control products is our mission at Asia Control pey, and your advantage in enterprise automation. We provide systems, products and services that optimize the use and ensure a reliable and high quality supply of any type of a facility's Utilities.

Systems successfully implemented include:

DCS (Distributed Control System)

Asia Control pey is able to provide our clients with a variety of DCS solutions having excellent knowledge with a large number of market leading manufacturers.

 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Our experienced and certified engineers for all the leading PLC manufactures enabling us to use the latest PLC technology that not only suits the application but is also consistent with client’s standards .

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Acquisition)

Our proposed SCADA solutions enable the comprehensive management of geographically distributed assets and seamless integration with control systems and advanced applications to maximize overall supply chain performance. We offer SCADA systems, solutions and services for the remote supervision and control of industrial processes, pipelines and networks, oil, gas, and electric industries, and municipal and multi-service utility distribution companies.

FCS (Fieldbus Communication System)

ESD (Emergency Shout Down)

BMS (Building/Boiler Management System)

F&G (Fire & Gas Detection System)

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